Bleu Barn Studios and Summer Shores

Bleu Barn Studios is at it again.  Highlighted in the Feb 2013 issue of Quilter’s World magazine is Summer Shores, a breeze contemporary quilt design using Tokyo Rococo (aren’t I lucky!).   I love this because its simple and light and modern and classic at the same time. I was able to see the quilt at Blue Barn Studios and photo it before it was sent in to the magazine.  So here are some shots of the quilt plus a preview of the magazine.  Yes, I take a million shots–its the only way to get a good feel for the quilt!  AND a kit of the fabric for the pattern in the magazine is available at The Plaid Portico etsy shop by clicking here.

More projects coming  up in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 10.55.25 PM

Quilter’s World Feb 2013 Magazine


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo


Summer Shores by CJ Behling, Bleu Barn Studios using Tokyo Rococo

Daasserini sporting Tokyo Rococo at Surtex

Ok, a little fashion show Friday!

When my goddaughter was out visiting and helping me with Surtex prep on her spring break I sent her packing with some Tokyo Rococo fabric and she just whipped up a few creations for her Surtex wardrobe.  I am dying to get her to Quilt Market sometime, she would be right at home.   She is one of those people that just “makes things” at every turn.  Infinite creativity, just like her mom.

We had fun doing little photo shoots during breaks at Surtex.  Here are some pics!

Day 1; she just sewed this little number up from imagination without a pattern. Cute!

Day 2: circle skirt, she did this one when visiting. just whipped it up
A needle and thread always at hand she was making some edits at the hotel in NY

Day 3: This one actually did start out as a pattern, but you wouldn’t recognize it now, she edited and edited and got this sleek little number in the end (it used to have puffs and frills)

I like both horizontal and vertical placement of the patterns here

This is all about what accessories and styling say about someone. Just ignore the dress and look at the braid, the pearls, the nails and the ink…just love this girl. No she doesn’t sew for anybody else–just me, she’s all mine! For now…..

Waterfall Chevron Quilt

I had such a good time watching this quilt evolve and I am immensely grateful for the experience.  When Diana McClun told me she wanted to make a quilt for me with my first fabric collection I was pretty excited to say the least.  I learned SO MUCH watching this project take shape and communicating with Diana and Laura at times through the process.  I watched one of their quilting video’s during this period, and am still slowly making my way through their first book, Quilts, Quilts, Quilts.

And I am as surprised as some of you that with this experience I have officially been bitten by the quilting bug and have started sewing again, armed with a hand me down Jenome from my late mother-in-law.  Diana is amazing and I am grateful for her mentorship as she certainly is that for me, and also for her friendship. A gift to be sure.

And very cool that their quilt is featured in McCall’s Quilting’s July/August Issue in stores now.   They are also all very nice there!

How does one really capture the real feeling of a quilt through photographs?  Well, I will be spending a lot of time trying to find that out in the next few years.  Here are some of my first attempts with this quilt that I will always treasure.

Diana McClun and the “Waterfall” chevron quilt by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes, quilted by Creative Quilting

Urban Spools Sewing Lounge is Open!

As I was in the final hours getting ready for Surtex, Michelle Kitto of THE Urban Spools posted “Pillow Talk”, and boy did that make me smile.  When living in Taiwan we had some Indian rice sorters outfitted with similar pillows I had made from emboidered silks I had collected from China, in a  “pincushion” pattern (as that is what my pincushions all looked like when I was little–its a new world out there in pincushionland)  So this just warmed my heart and it looks so nice with the orange sides and bottom.  For a tutorial, click HERE.

I met Michelle at Quiltmarket in Houston.  She is a professional machine quilter, quilting teacher, has an etsy shop, does custom orders and marvelous tutorials.  But the COOLEST thing happening is her new Urban Spools Sewing Lounge in Dallas, Texas.  It is NOW open and had its first class! The mission of The Sewing Lounge is to provide a place for people to come and hang out, sew with friends and have a place to learn in a warm and encouraging.  Long arm services also provided!  I want one of these in San Francisco…

Check out Michelle’s cool Tokyo Rococo project (so great, right?)…

More Tokyo Rococo Projects

Patchwork Posse is at it again with this so cool scallop messenger bag using the blue “whisper” colorway of Tokyo Rococo.  I love this bag, and I also love how Becky takes her product photos outside.  Some are against fences, hanging from clotheslines,  or by her sewing cottage–which is where you can find the pattern and instructions for this bag–In the May edition of The Sewing Cottage Magazine!

Scallop Messenger Bag by Patchwork Posse

Scallop messenger bag by Patchwork Posse

AND, there is a double whammy coming up with McCall’s. McCall’s Quick Quilts June/July issue, which is on its way to newstands now has a project with Tokyo Rococo–a wonderful quilt named “Persimmon Park”.   I like that name!  Designed by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith, quilted by Connie Gresham.  This quilt is fully patterned in the McCall’s Quick Quilts June/July 2012 issue, AND a kit of fabrics for the quilt top and binding is available from Homestead Hearth,  A sneak preview is below.

“Persimmon Park” Designed by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith, quilted by Connie Gresham. 

And, stay tuned for a wonderful chevron quilt designed by the amazing Diana Mc Clun and Laura Nownes that will be in McCall’s Quilting’s August Issue, on newstands in May.  I actually get to keep that quilt and I am dying to see it in person.

That’s all the Tokyo Rococo news for now.  My next fabric collection, Licorice Fizz will be in stores in October.  Can’t wait to play with it!  But before that there are more projects for Tokyo Rococo coming in….