Another Social Justice Sewing Academy Community Creation

The Social Justice Sewing Academy is all about community! Students and adults create the quilts, then share them with the larger community. Often the quilts travel to shows and museums (see former Quilt Con post). One day not too far into the future they will be in the DeYoung Museum!!

I wish all students had the chance to voice their experiences, opinions, fears, anger, hurt and grief, desires, hope, knowledge and wisdom with the world. They have so much to say and share. The future will be theirs! I am grateful for all the adults listening to young people these days!

Here are photos of the quilts I and quite a few others were working on at the EBHQ community workshop on May 18, 2019. The students who work with SJSA made the squares, and us women cut strips, added borders, and created patterns from the pieces of fabric to surround the squares.

These are the 3 quilts we worked on that day:

A few of us worked on the denim pieces to be used in Quilt #3

Here’s a quilt to show us how we would be laying out the squares and working around them, an example of a quilt already made with Japanese fabric:

This one reminds me of a scene from a video on the protested meeting of the WTO, World Trade Organization in Seattle 1999 where it started out fairly peacefully. Young people were putting flowers in the rifles of the police. It turned extremely violent when the police in riot gear sprayed pepper spray into the protesters faces and eyes, arrested them, beat them, etc. But the meeting was shut down!! Hope in action. Creativity is so important these days when protests don’t have that same result necessarily. Gratitude to the young ones who through the ages have kept after justice!!!

Watch for an update as the quilt in denim becomes whole.

2 thoughts on “Another Social Justice Sewing Academy Community Creation

  1. And I love that you believe the connection of social consciousness and art go together!!! Thank you for your appreciation. There are so many issues that need attending, and we humans are very diverse luckily!! I am so thankful to the students and Sara Trail who works with them, and all the women who embroider, stitch, cut, and Nancy Williams who donates her long arm quilting machine and time to bring it all together in her studio!!


  2. These are wonderful and so inspiring! Thanks for featuring some of the squares, close-up. Art and social consciousness go hand in hand – I love it that you work with student youth on these projects.


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