San Francisco Quilt Guild Show Coming Up (2 days left for advance sales on tickets)

Good Morning Creative People,

I attended, and worked at, my quilt guild’s monthly meeting on Monday night. Because I was coming back from my vacation, spending the day working at creating a home for my future art studio, and single handedly working the raffle we have before our meeting, I completely spaced on preparing for a fantastic blog post!! Please forgive my newby faux pas!!

I could have taken photos of Sue Fox and Julia McLeod’s wonderful inspiring talk and trunk show. Beautiful, modern and traditional mixed silk and other fabrics quilts collaboratively created together. Please check out their website to see photos that should be right here!! I’m learning, thank you for your patience and support as I learn this business of reporting and sharing of the creations we all love to see and get inspired by for our own innovations.

Please check out their website to see what photos I didn’t take!

Sue Fox is also a member of the SF Quilters Guild. Here’s a link to get yourselves to the San Francisco Quilters Guild quilt show coming on March 22-23, 2019 through February 28 it’s $10 for both days of the quilt show   $15 for the 2 days after that. I’ll be there, hope to see you!

In the meantime, I will be posting what strikes my fancy!! May your day be what you want it to be.   Lisa



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