San Francisco Quilt Guild quilt show March 2019

As usual, each quilt show I go to, I learn something, I get inspired, this time I spoke with a couple of artists who won honorable mention but I thought they should have gotten first prize! They were so proud of their jointly created and constructed quilt. They are artists in different ways, had rings on fingers so we deduced they are married. And they were so sweet talking with us, thanking us for the attention and appreciation. In the midst of hearing about their process, I didn’t get a close up of their AMAZING quilting patterns that changed in every small and large block. SOOOO beautiful! If anyone reading this has photos of that, please add them for this quilt.

Wish you could see the amazing quilting up close!
Robert and Stu
The back of their quilt!

These were also made collaboratively, by the guild members.

Made by 46 of the quilt guild members, this was their raffle quilt. Stunning illusionary weaving!!
8×8’s made by guild members since 2003! They just keep adding on with ties.

And then some of my favorites up close.

This one was way up high. I spoke with the woman who made it, about 10 years ago!!

This was the featured artist. I’ll let her write ups speak her stories.

Following my last post, I bring these images in because so many of us across this country, whether we speak out or not, have feelings about what’s been going on. I know that some of you may not agree with this. I’m sorry to step on anyone’s toes. But we all matter!! Our words matter. Our actions matter. Lives who are endangered every day just because of the color of their skin, the country they come from (as we each and everyone one of us has come at some point except the people who were here first, and those brought as slaves), the language they speak, the traditions they have brought, what gender or who they love. None of us should feel threatened as we go about our daily lives, going to school, to work, coming from ravaged countries to seek asylum, or speaking out (unless it’s threatening the lives of anyone, that isn’t free speech, it’s hate!).

After all, this is San Francisco!! And here’s a project that many people across this country and Mexico are joining in together.

So many words that truly matter!! America has not always been great for everyone!! And still isn’t for those threatened every day. And Immigrants have built this country since all of us come from immigrant ancestry except those whose shoulders this country was built on – people who were enslaved, and the Native peoples whose land we live on.

I love this thought! Can’t imagine not having stars, and I definitely have quilts on my bed!

As soon as I can, I will post more of the quilts. Here’s a last one today to bring us back to what I hope we all want!

So big love to all!!! Keep being inspired, speaking your truth, and quilt!! Or any type of art.

3 thoughts on “San Francisco Quilt Guild quilt show March 2019

  1. Oh thank you so much B.Sadie!!! I’m glad you liked them, and my words. I’ll be posting more but have to get my online store up and running. “Sewing Wishes” is coming soon!!


  2. i love all these wonderful pictures – thank you so much. the Border Wall Quilt Project is so inspiring and beautiful; it lifted up my heart; as did the words you wrote.


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