Watching Amazing Women and Girls work hard on Children’s quilts to give to those who need them

The East Bay Heritage Quilt Guild (EBHQ) creates and gives away about 1500 quilts each year to children in hospitals, foster care and after “natural” disasters. They also make and give adult quilts for the hurricanes, floods, fires, tsunami’s, earthquakes. I think this is not an anomaly, other quilt guilds do this too. The African American Quilt Guild of Oakland asks each member to make one each year to give away as part of their membership.

I’m including the photos I took today of these mothers and daughters and their quilt guild mentor who worked on a number of “kits” ready to go out to other people who finish them. It is indeed a labor of love! In this EBHQ Quilt Guild, years ago Deanna Davis started this project. When she was alive, she stored all the fabric that was given to the guild for the quilts, and sewed many of them herself. Now it is up to many people in the guild, and those who come to help, to bring them forth and out to those in need.

The top photo shows Ellie with her mother Maria Belshaw of Orinda, working on this quilt with the help of Paula Zurowski, long time member of EBHQ.

Mother, Daughter and Mentor
Mother, Daughter and Mentor
This photo shows Kris and Katherine Leamy of Lafayette, again working with Paula Zurowski, moving back and forth between the two mother/daughter quilters.
Here’s a doll or stuffed animal quilt I made in an EBHQ workshop where we all made something for children in long term treatment in hospitals.

So, have fun being creative in whatever ways you enjoy! And have a great Sunday. So nice to have the sun shining after all the much needed rain.

Warmly, Lisa Carey

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