Daasserini sporting Tokyo Rococo at Surtex

Ok, a little fashion show Friday!

When my goddaughter was out visiting and helping me with Surtex prep on her spring break I sent her packing with some Tokyo Rococo fabric and she just whipped up a few creations for her Surtex wardrobe.  I am dying to get her to Quilt Market sometime, she would be right at home.   She is one of those people that just “makes things” at every turn.  Infinite creativity, just like her mom.

We had fun doing little photo shoots during breaks at Surtex.  Here are some pics!

Day 1; she just sewed this little number up from imagination without a pattern. Cute!

Day 2: circle skirt, she did this one when visiting. just whipped it up
A needle and thread always at hand she was making some edits at the hotel in NY

Day 3: This one actually did start out as a pattern, but you wouldn’t recognize it now, she edited and edited and got this sleek little number in the end (it used to have puffs and frills)

I like both horizontal and vertical placement of the patterns here

This is all about what accessories and styling say about someone. Just ignore the dress and look at the braid, the pearls, the nails and the ink…just love this girl. No she doesn’t sew for anybody else–just me, she’s all mine! For now…..

5 thoughts on “Daasserini sporting Tokyo Rococo at Surtex

  1. Gorgeous fabric and patterns!
    Isn’t being a Godmother the best?! 🙂
    So nice to meet you through BYW 2.0!
    All the best,


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