An Appreciation of a Compelling Talk by Roderick Kiracofe

I hadn’t heard of him before, and might not have gone to hear him if not for my role of running the raffle before East Bay Heritage Quilt Guild’s educational meetings which happen every last Monday of the month (except Memorial Day).

A delightful man, showing his collection of many southeastern rural quilts from the 1950’s to now. Not the usual primly perfectly (beautifully) points matching, patterns and quilting to admire with open mouths. But so interesting!! So humbly sewn together with what was available, including the double knit polyester from back in the 70’s, that looked like regular quilts from afar until you got up close to touch them. I was awestruck with these quilts and managed to get a few photos. But you can go to his website to see a few more. And I’m sorry for the less than accurate clear photos!!

The way he talked about the reds that he loves was endearing. He has a whole collection of quilts that depict red in them, so interesting how random it is!
Log cabin, courthouse steps, where they don’t match up necessarily but are compelling in the way they stand out and are mixed with plaids, stripes and other prints. He calls his collection unconventional and unexpected, sometimes ugly, edgy. I agree with all of it, but by the time he finished speaking with such affection and appreciation of the work of these women that he usually has to track down because there is no label on them, I was hooked and very appreciative of him!!
Again, so sorry for the lack of photo clarity! This was my favorite. The colors are so earthy and geological, it won my heart!
Here it is close up. A crazy quilt without the embellishments!
A pile of them together.
This was a quilt with only these boots in every square. Obviously very much loved by their owner or a gift to someone! Again I apologize for not having a photo of the whole queen or double size quilt!
Silk, corduroy, woven, knits, you name it, and it comes together!!
Up close.
All wool with a flannel back.
So fascinating how we can be creative!!!
Roderick told a story of two quilts that used this same pink, red and tan fabric so he thinks they were made by the same women. Or maybe in the same town or area?
This is the second quilt with same fabric. So cool that historians can name dates by what kind of fabric was used at what time in our history!
Close up of the cute penguin fabric!!!

So all in all, I have a new appreciation for my own work, for that of all aspects of the spectrum of human creativity!!!

May we not judge ourselves or each other for what we do or don’t do, as long as we are happy with creating that which we love!!!

1 thought on “An Appreciation of a Compelling Talk by Roderick Kiracofe

  1. these quilts inspire me and enliven me – they stir something in me; they are exciting and artistic in an informal/improvisational way. thank you so much for photographing them…i’m heading to his website now – hope there are lots of photos! we can thank collectors like Kirakoffe and Eli Leon for saving these quilts from oblivion.


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