Quiltcon happened!

Good Wednesday afternoon to you all.

Quiltcon is new to me, but many of you have followed it for years! I know you can go to the website to see some of the quilts, but thought I would highlight my favorites and the local to Bay Area quilters. https://www.quiltcon.com

Local winners: in the Youth category, from Social Justice Sewing Academy

1st Place: Activist ABC’s
20” x 83”
By Bianca Mercado
Individual Member
Antioch, California
Quilted by Nancy Williams

The photo on the Quiltcon website doesn’t do it justice, and the measurements are for each panel, 20″ wide, and some longer than others as you can see in their photo.

I took videos of these panels and don’t yet know how to bring in videos. Sorry, still learning!! But please go to SJSAcademy website, the icon is the top one above Hello Stitch on the home page of the Portico, and you can click on that, go to their gallery. Activist ABC’s is at the top, you can see the whole thing and each block by clicking on the photos below the large photo. The volunteer embroiderers and quilters do an amazing job on the youth’s designs! It’s beautiful and inclusive of many people’s needs for justice.

The 2nd place youth winner is just as beautiful and meaningful, again by Social Justice Sewing Academy youth artist.

2nd Place: Exit Wound
55” x 60”
By Audrey Bernier
Individual Member
Antioch, California
Quilted by Nancy Williams

I’m sure it will come into their gallery soon, I don’t seem to be able to copy it, but you can go to quilt con’s website to see it. Since I can’t bring in the photo here, I trust that you’ll go looking for it!

Sherri Lynn Wood of Oakland, CA had a special exhibit. An artist who shares my values of recycle, upcycle, reuse of fabrics, etc. Check out her website https://sherrilynnwood.com

Next post will have photos I promise!!

Also, I’m working on bringing the pages back on this site. I want to highlight links to videos I have used in my sewing/quilting. Another page for entrepreneurs. Any requests?

Have a great day! Lisa

3 thoughts on “Quiltcon happened!

    • Hello madhappycrafter! Thanks for your comment, glad you liked the quilts. It seems to me too that most quilts are in the modern category. Quilt con is new to me, though I have been quilting steadily for 9 years, so can’t say with any authority about the details. It seems anything outside of the traditional patterns is considered modern. To me, all of it is art!!!
      And I believe that the only reason quilts haven’t historically been considered art is because they were practical, mostly bedclothes, and made by women. We are changing that aren’t we?!


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