The Finished Recycled Denim Social Justice Sewing Academy Quilt

Hi Folks! Sorry I have taken so long to grace you with a post! Been busy, my family has 3 birthdays in June, got very serious with a business program to bring my art out to the world more fully (and financially!).

Hope you all are having a great summer, keeping cool when the temps go up, finding water to get into if that’s your thing, and here in the Bay Area, sometimes for me it’s finding the sun! But this summer has mostly been sunny at some point during the day, not much cold fog.

Here’s the almost finished top, only the backing and binding to go. Quite the puzzle to put together with staggered angles!
And here it is hanging in the Panorama Framing shop at 3350 Grand Ave in Oakland, CA. They regularly have art on their gallery wall.
And here I am with my son!

There will be more Social Justice Sewing Academy art to come. Their quilts will be shown at the quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky in the spring. There are 2 now at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Students from Baltimore just completed a week here in Oakland in a summer program. Sara Trail who founded this program is a ball of energy, involved in so many things!!

I’m posting another inspiration in a separate post. On a different wave of creativity, yet still in a cultural realm.

Take care, stay cool, have fun, enjoy your summer!!

1 thought on “The Finished Recycled Denim Social Justice Sewing Academy Quilt

  1. This is an amazing quilt! I love how the squares and the pieced “background” turned out and unified the squares while adding beauty and interest. I also love the picture of you with your son – you both have such beautiful smiling faces. Please, yes to more social justice quilts – this is so inspiring. My comment wouldn’t post the first time so I hope this is not a double reply. Please feel free to delete one if it is 🙂


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