Improvisational quilting with Sherri Lynn Wood

As part of the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild‘s show, Stitch Modern, they had a number of special events. One was a panel discussion on fabric design which I got to participate in which I enjoyed thoroughly, particularly meeting the other designers and sharing notes.  But I have to say the highlight of the whole show, AFTER seeing all the great quilts, was the talk I went to by Sherri Lynn Wood.

As you may know, I am now dipping my hand into quilting, just for the fun and art of it, and I really connect with many of the modern quilts I am seeing out there, and I really like the improvisational quilting style in particular.  I don’t really want to make quilts that look like someone else’s or follow a specific tradition or direction.  In my work, I design all the time for the commercial market, so when I sew I want to sew what I want to sew. Period. So hearing Sherri Lynn Woods speak about the improvisational process was just what I needed to really dig into the improv quilt I had started and make it happen. And I did finish it shortly after.  ….Ahem…. except the binding, but I will post when it is all finished.

Another very cool thing that Sherri talked about was Passage Quilts.   She works with people ” through collaboration, consultation and commission to make improvised quilts from the clothing and materials from everyday life”.  Love this concept. Hits me right in that spot. And she showed us one she made for her mother, Linda Susan Wood (1943-2003) which she describes as a “passage, bereavement, memorial quilt made from my mother’s casual clothes, Sunday dresses, bathing suit, robes and the dress she wore to my wedding”

Sherri is SUCH a good speaker, highly recommend if you get a chance. With a long resume of exhibitions, artist residencies and workshops, and with masters in both fine art and theology, she has a lot to share. Here are a few shots of the quilts she shared that day, but you might want to check out her site, for more!


Linda Susan Wood (1943-2003) Passage Quilt by Sherri Lynn Wood, 2006, 73″ W X 75″ L


Color Study 305 by Sherri Lynn Wood, 2008


RGB Modern by Sherri Lynn Wood


detail of RGB Modern by Sherri Lynn Wood


Negative Space by Sherri Lynn Wood 2012


Modern Improv Wool Log Cabin, By Sherri Lynn Wood, 2011, 90″x84″