2 thoughts on “One-Corner Log Cabin by Pamela Rocco

  1. Hi Sandra,
    This is a photo taken by the previous owner of this blog. Neither of us have the pattern nor know where to get it. I wonder if she has an Etsy account? You could look that up or even Pinterest? I wish I could help but Carol has said in the past and it says somewhere in this blog that we don’t give out patterns of the photos we take of quilts. But please try to find Pamela Rocco. It sounds like you might have already done that. Best of luck to you! I hope in the future to be able to help people make their own patterns freely. I will be posting a few photos of the quilts I saw last night from a man who has collected many quilts that women just went ahead and made from their scraps and their minds! I looked through photos of beautifully perfectly made quilts after I saw his collection, and though the perfect ones are very beautiful, the others are much more interesting!! I’m inspired!! I will do my best to post what I have today. Thanks for reaching out and good luck! Lisa


  2. I am desperately trying to find this pattern to purchase to make for my grandson. Could you please let me know if and where I could get assistance. Many thanks, SandraG


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