Final reveal of the silk quilt

Well I think I showed you all the quilt top when I first finished it.  Here are photos of the finished piece, with the quilting and multi-colored binding done. It’s an improvisational quilt, and things are a little wonky, but it was a great learning experience especially working with some different weights of silk that I got in different places. It wasn’t meant to have curves in it, but I had to use my apparel tailoring skills to flatten it out, and I actually like how it created curved lines on things so when I quilted it I did it with big curves.  Has to stop at some point in the fixin’ process, and in the end I kept it all wabi sabi for posterity. IMG_9798 IMG_9807 IMG_9811 IMG_9812 IMG_9814


While I’m showing “bright colored things”, might as well show you a line of ten designs coming out on gift wrap with Studio-Seneca Fine Art, sold through gift stores. There are paisleys from my Paisley Sea and Woodland collections, and some designs from my holiday collection “merry, merry” and Patty-O.   Will be selling these myself also in my Etsy store in a few weeks.IMG_1003 IMG_1011

Got my second quilt back and after binding will be taking some photos, AND have my third quilt top about halfway finished.  Moseying along on my “Sew Sundays”!

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