“Pi” Circle Quilt and Connections

Well there is a pleasant bi product of having your art and design in the commercial marketplace–people who you used to know might see it and look you up!

My next door neighbor from childhood, Jeanne Gorton, contacted me after seeing my fabric through Andover Fabrics.  What fun!!  She has been a “hard core quilter for the last twenty years and is obsessed with fabric, fabric design and modern quilting design”.  She belongs to the Genesee Valley Quilt Club which was founded in 1936!!

I sent her some Licorice Fizz to play with and LOVE what she came up with.  This quilt was shown at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club’s “Magical Threads–Inspired Stitches” Biennial Quilt show in June at the RIT field house. There were 400 members involved in the show and 600 quilts on display. It was a three day show organized totally by volunteers. Yay Rochesterians! If you can make it through the winters, you can do anything.

She also sent me some photos of a couple of her other quilts.  Love love. Take a look at Jeanne’s great quilts…

Image 1

“Pi” Quilt Designed by Jeanne Gorton

Image 4

“Pi” quilt top designed by Jeanne Gorton


Image 3

Quilt by Jeanne Gorton

Image 5

baby quilt by Jeanne Gorton

1 thought on ““Pi” Circle Quilt and Connections

  1. It’s always good to see your fledglings out there in the world! Licorice Fizz has legs!! Love the design, and what a fab way to show off the Fizz!


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