Good Morning From a New Voice

Hello Creative People,

I’m happy to say that I am resuming The Plaid Portico from the wonderful Carol Van Zandt. She is graciously teaching me how to take over her job of networking, reporting on events, sharing many of your beautiful quilts, and more.

I am thrilled to start this endeavor, as I have wanted to be blogging. She has shown me how many of you come to this site. Seeing each other’s quilts are very inspiring. And I find that other forms of art inform mine.

Sometimes in the face of what’s happening in this country, I wonder if my art is really contributing to making the world a better place. Then I look on the many forms of creativity, including the sounds of beautiful soothing or exciting music, the smells of artful cooking, beautifully pruned trees and landscaped gardens, the hard work of small farmers who grace the farmer’s market tables with the beauty of their labors and I know that whatever each one of us chooses to do with their own creativity (many more ways than I have listed), I know that because we are creative creatures, it’s what we must do!!!

Here in northern central California, we are having another so needed rainy day!! I look forward to walking in my beloved Nature, hearing the water rushing, breathing in the smells, viewing the sites, listening to the birds in Nature brought to us by the greatest creator of all!!!

May you enjoy this new day. In immense gratitude, Lisa Carey

Redwood Park in Oakland California is a favorite place of mine, the soaring redwood trees, the quiet sounds of the forest, the bright green of our rainy season. Here’s a photo I took of the creative way that the regional park workers have shored up the bank of the now rushing stream to protect the trail from slipping down. Remember Lincoln Logs?