Hello, How Is Everyone?

I realized just now, and especially upon finding a question in the comments about whether I am ok, having not posted in so long and given what’s been happening. We can no longer assume that everyone who we don’t have regularly in our lives is still ok and alive. WOW!!! What a different time we are living in. So I do hope all of you and your loved ones are doing well. I can’t say I’ve done a lot of quilting. I did finish tote bags I had started before the shut down. And I finished my jacket I posted last winter/spring so will include a photo of that.

I have changed my website a bit so check out the cool backgrounds. I have gotten discouraged about selling my wares, some because I haven’t gotten into the technology to “boost” it or SEO it, etc. And some as I have been looking for my last (settling down to not move anymore) home on land in nature. It will come eventually. I finally finished this hand quilted paneled curtain for my tiny house on wheels loft bedroom window to give me patience while I wait for that land.

Of course there’s been the mask-making, zoom conversations, now a Showing Up For Racial Justice class, with lots of readings. Car caravans for #blacklivesmatter. Lots of watching Black movies and TV shows to step up into more knowledge, listening closely to how I can make changes in myself.

We are in an exciting time of change, not-knowing, trepidation as we come up to the election, going through those changes of elections, threats from the White House to shut down the post offices, sending out the military to kidnap, tear gas and shoot our constitutional rights of people expressing them. OH MY!!! Wish it was only lions and tigers and bears!! Well, only from a distance!

I see lots of quilts on Instagram being made, so I know some people are doing that. Again, hope all is well with all of you!!!

I covered up the stains, and added length for my larger body. Funny how my body getting wider means my shirts and jackets get shorter! If I did it again, I would put the pockets down lower, but love them anyway!

If you want to, please let us all know in the comments how you are doing. It’s good to know there are plenty of people doing well. Have a great summer in all the ways we can!

4 thoughts on “Hello, How Is Everyone?

  1. Thanks for your post. I am happy to know that people whose art I like share my values too! Good luck on your search and keep nipping away on your projects. It’ll keep your spirits up. It does mine.

    Also, re widening body. It’s just gravity. No worries.


    • Thank you currenteventlover!!! I will definitely check it out. Not sure where you are but I’m taking a class with SURJ, Showing Up for Racial Justice. I know chapters are building around the country though they originated as a San Francisco Bay Area group. And have you checked out the link on this home page for SJSAcademy?


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