Autumn is Really Here in California

Hot days, dry air, fires flaring up all over.

Bright red, orange and yellow leaves are the beautiful fiery parts of Fall.

Redwood Park in Oakland. CA has a rich diversity of trees. redwoods, oaks, willows, old fruit trees, and these magnificent very tall Eastern elm trees (reminds me of my earlier days on the East Coast), and this Chinese Pistachio tree. Glorious place to be on a hot Fall day!

For the third year in a row, north of the San Francisco Bay Area, the mountains are burning, people are running, the fires fly down the hillsides onto homes. So far, no smoke here in the Bay but I suspect soon there will be.

In the meantime, Pacific Gas and Electric and southern companies keep shutting off electricity to try to prevent fires, but one started when they didn’t shut down the transmission lines. When there was the threat even in the cities and flatlands, I told my son, this is our version of hurricanes. Get ready with water, food, cook up the refrigerated food, have flashlights ready, cold food choices. (need all this for earthquakes too, even though we get no notice!!)

Climate change!!

But amidst all of this, art must go on!! Here’s a show of a group of nine women, across the world, working together over email, showing their quilts together in many places.

Here are photos from our last monthly meeting. A group of 9 women from around the world, brought together by Martha Wolfe, show their quilts at many venues. These are just my favorites, there were many more. And I apologize for not knowing which labels fit which quilts for some of them. There were so many piled up, so many women looking at them, I couldn’t get at them very well!

This from the speaker and founder of the group, Martha Wolfe with her mother.
Clearly images of emerging !
Possible ways to save our planet: wind, waves, geothermal energy. Plenty!!!!! Add in solar, weatherizing buildings, energy saving appliances, using less……
Almost sure the following label goes with this beautiful colors quilt.
I love these islands!! Again almost positive the following label goes with this one.

The following photos are of quilts, then I will add the labels all together since I have them. It will show you where some of the women live.

You can always write to them to ask if you want to and they have email or website info on their labels. So sorry to not have the names with these wonderful quilts.

Love this energy!!
The movement and colors!!!!
Mmmm…. expressive nature!!
I love these shapes and colors.
More bright colors, perhaps these are butterflies and hummingbirds taking flight?
Speaking of fire!!!

Again, hope you can enjoy these images even without the for-certain knowledge of who made them towards the end. Beautiful work, imaginative, creative and connecting the group together over years.

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