Inspiration From Atlanta, Georgia

Visiting my daughter for a week in Atlanta. She is attending Emory University, getting her RN, on her way to becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. She completed a year of midwifery training and working with mothers and families in El Paso, Texas at Maternidad La Luz Birth Center and School. An amazing experience, and she wants to work with a more inclusive body of people than might give birth at a center or at home. Black women and babies die at a much higher rate than other ethnicities, and she is learning how to make that discrepancy change. We experienced this with my son’s teacher’s wife and baby in “progressive” Berkeley California!! I was shocked that any mother dies in childbirth anymore, especially in a hospital!! And especially in the wealthiest country in the world! They gave her an experimental drug instead of the usual one.

I am inspired by my daughter’s determination!!!

On to the inspiration from the art at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. If I was as prolific a quilter as I know some of you are, I’d be showing you quilts! In the meantime, here are some patterns I saw, that might inspire you to make your own!!

First, here’s what I saw from the airplane. I often see quilts in all kinds of places!!

I think humans have learned all kinds of things from Nature!!!
On the way in to the gardens, metal sculptures up on the wall.
This is a permanent display of such breath taking beauty. Something like 29 tons, 17,000 individual plants. About 13 different plants. They trim it all once a week to keep the shape. The Garden Goddess.
I see a quilted smaller version of this magnificent dragon!!
Look at those patterns!!
Another stuffed, quilted young person’s delight? Here they are quilting with plants!!!

The following are the amazing plants I saw, all with such beautiful markings, colors….some day I hope to incorporate them into my quilts.!! You’ve seen some of these in houseplants. In the thankfully cooler greenhouses, it was exciting to see them growing naturally in their jungle-like displays.

Roots hanging from plants way up high.
I see a little person looking down at that amazing pattern spreading out!
Hearts with striking veins!!

And a couple outside in the gardens.

I love these delicate standing straight up flowers!
And these colors!! Pitcher plants.
The Phoenix rises!! As we all do from whatever life gives us.

I hope your summer is enjoyable, restful, exciting in good ways, and inspirational!!

1 thought on “Inspiration From Atlanta, Georgia

  1. thank you so much for treating us to these glorious pictures of plants, sculptures, and art inspirations! i love the Garden Goddess so much. You are a fantastic photographer too. It’s a real treat to see those plants that would never grow like that in the Pacific NW which is in such drought.


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