Grateful For Sun, Full Moon Spring Equinox, and More Rain

I hope that everyone who is reading this is safe, dry, warm or cool as it may be. SO much going on in our world!! May we all keep the best for EVERYONE in our minds and hearts, not just for some people. There are so many in struggle, pain, injustice, housing crisis, poor nutrition……

In trepidation of hurting anyone, I expose my heart and thoughts….

As we go towards 2020, let’s figure out how we can bring into being that which many of us aspire to in this country- freedom for all, basic needs met for each person, children kept with caring and loving adults, TRUE health care for prevention, medical care when necessary, people before profits. Guns in the hands of ONLY those who never plan to use them against anyone else, which means very strict laws which every other developed country has except ours, this includes police. Children to be safe in schools, people as they worship in temples, mosques and churches, and everywhere, as well as all people around the world. A president who treats women equally and respectfully, understands that everyone but Native and African Americans come from immigrant ancestors, that flooding, major hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires are directly as a result of Climate Chaos. That people who pick our food, build our houses, care for our children and elders must be particularly treated well in all areas of life.

These are my prayers and wishes, I know this doesn’t necessarily relate to quilting!! Sorry if you feel preached at. It’s just my heart is heavy, but hopeful for 2020!

So, in the meantime, while I do what has to be done in my own life, I love to walk in Nature, listen, smell, look at all the beauty around me, breathe that luscious air!! I wish that for everyone, to replenish with what has been given to those of us lucky to live close enough, and have access to this.

Here are some beautiful small quilts : 12 x 12’s they’re called. These are from a collection of Sue Arnold’s, shown at the EBHQ Quilt Show 2018. I don’t have the individual names of the quilters, I am very sorry for that. Also, I was taking photos around and in between people looking at them, so they are not all perfectly shown in their perfection! Will be doing much better in the future!!

And I add 2 of my 8 x 8’s that I put into library shows. All having to do with Nature in their own creative ways.

Most of these are obviously nature, I include this one as it was dyed (I’m pretty sure) with the plant indigo. I only learned about this amazing plant a few years ago, almost disease-free, drought tolerant, feeds the soil. A true asset in a garden.
I love the structure of this one, and could be one of this planet’s amazing and beautiful sunsets!!
After missing one of the blood lunar eclipses due to fog, I made this 8 x 8″ “quilt” for a library show.
A tribute to my late mother who loved nature and inspired this love in me! Some very meaningful items in here. Yellow ribbon from a slip from her aunt in Salem, Mass. Organza leftover from one of her bridesmaid’s dresses, growing out of the flowers that come up first each spring through the snow. Her time teaching in Hawaii hence the pineapple and plumeria, the birds she loved and taught us about.
A gift for my daughter welcoming her from the desert of El Paso Texas back to the Pacific Ocean that she loves.

I hope these art quilts have reminded you of your own, and/or inspired you to bring Nature into your art and into your life. Please share with us your own art that depicts your loves that keep you sane and happy through your lives!

Enjoy the rest of March and look for photos from the San Francisco Quilt Guild’s show.

2 thoughts on “Grateful For Sun, Full Moon Spring Equinox, and More Rain

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful remarks. I am grateful to read other quilters say what so many of us feel. We need to be outspoken and not silent because silence only makes us complicit in neglect and harmful acts. Thank you.


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