Kits for Kids

I’m showing more quilts that might not be as exciting as some, but are in the tradition of using what we have to create something special. In this instance, for kids who need to feel special in their challenging lives. Children in hospitals who need to stay for a long time, or when they are going home after a long illness, children going to a new foster home, youth who are transitioning out of foster care at 18.

Here are kits that people pick up at a number of times and places, including at New Pieces store in Berkeley, as well as the EBHQ meetings last Monday evening of the month except July and December, drop-in sewing times at the Albany Methodist Church on Stannage at Marin Ave on 2nd Tuesdays and 3rd Saturdays. You do not have to be a member for any of this, but are asked to pay $5 for the meetings since we pay professional quilters for their time and travel.

People come to sort fabric into piles for others to design into quilts, or pick up a kit to piece everything together into a quilt top, or put all the layers together and make the whole quilt, or pick up a quilt that just needs to have the binding sewn on.

quilt and pillowcase kits serving children
A more modern style
The woman who quilted this one was so proud of herself, first time doing free motion, and still straight lines as well. She was able to practice on a quilt that doesn’t matter quite as much since this child will love getting it !
Fine to just put the squares together (with an exciting binding!) to get it done and to a child.
More traditional fabrics that create a soft feeling.
This one larger to go to the youth who is transitioning out of the foster care system, put out on their own to face a world without support unless they find the peers, the scarce support systems that are available, or maybe even further contact with a great family. Thank goodness for big hearts!!

Next will be reporting on the SF quilt show, or perhaps from my own library in between.

Have a great day all!!

4 thoughts on “Kits for Kids

  1. Well, Brenda, I’m very happy to hear that you liked it, and that you keep quilting!!! I hope I didn’t sound down about the simplicity of these quilts. They are beautiful in their own ways. And so very much appreciated by the people who receive a quilt! And of course those of us who love fabric, get great joy out of handling it and creating something from it!! I hope you keep at it!!

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