From the Snow

Good afternoon from the Sierra Mountains in California.

I come up here every year at this time to Bass Lake. I like the winter because I don’t have to hear any motorboats or jet skis. I like the quiet for a change from being in the city. I do enjoy the children and teens playing in the snow. Lots of sledding down a little hill and snowball throwing! Since I haven’t lived in snow for about 35 years, I thrill at the sight of snowflakes falling silently. It’s magic! And waking up to every leaf, needle and branch glistening in the rising sunshine, takes my breath away. Of course I had to run out and take photos!!

My sewing studio for a few days.

Doesn’t really show the sparkles, must use imagination!!

My favorite is to hike up onto a mountain with a waterfall cascading down to the lake, icicles dripping from rocks above the water. Granite rocks at the top of a path with educational signs telling of the Mono Indigenous peoples who lived here, and still do in the area. Next time I come, I will visit the Sierra Mono Museum in North Fork, a nonprofit run by Mono native peoples depicting the history of their land, way of life, art, and what’s happening now.

I loved this blue “stripe” in the water!!

I also bring sewing, and projects. never just one, right?! I can spread out on the kitchen/dining table, living room floor, and design, piece and sew. This year some of what I am working on are projects inspired by Karen Eckmeier aka The Quilted Lizard. Karen came to our guild, EBHQ, did workshops and an educational meeting. A delightful person!

I love lizards, have had unusual and beautiful experiences with them (just learned that they immunize ticks!!) Here are some photos of her and her creations, her books, and my inspired art.


Karen Eckmeier’s Wearable Waves book
This was the jacket she wore the night I met her and bought her book. Even more beautiful in real life.
More of her books and styles.
The beginning of my sweatshirt make over. From stains and old, to a new longer jacket with additions at the bottom, and color, while keeping most of the original design I liked so much.
Couldn’t bring all of my stash 😦 so will have to go digging when I get home!!

Happy Saturday! My daughter yelled out the car window to people on the street, much to my son’s chagrin when they were 8 and 13!!

Hope you’re having a great weekend. What projects are you working on in between weekend-goings-on? Lisa

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