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I’ve been tagged! In the Around the World Blog Hop.  By who? By Kim Andersson of i adore pattern, new designer for Windham Fabrics who is just coming out with her fabulous new fabric collection Tidal Lace. Check out the amazing look-book of gorgeous projects using her collection.  It has been fun seeing the whole process as she is a local design buddy I know from both textile design school and from the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild. Actually she was the one that got me to go to one of their meetings and I don’t know if I would have started to quilt if she hadn’t!

1. What Am I working On?

Oh my! First, I am working on 2 new design collections, one a follow-up to Pop Rox and Luna Lounge (coming in April next year) and the other a follow-up to Bel Air (by my alter ego brand name Lauren Marcella), coming out in December, all with Andover Fabrics.  I am also working on piecing 3 quilts, almost finished a fourth, and have 2 in the queue for quilting. Ha ha I am also working on our kitchen renovation plans!  Takes up a lot of time and creative energy! Demo begins in 2 weeks.

2. How Does my work differ from others of my genre?

Does it? Well there is so much work out there and good design at that. I haven’t reinvented the wheel but my designs are all original, and so therefore have my own”hand”, much as with other designers. We all make our mark!  People sometimes point out the movement in my work, or unusual layouts. As much as I collect inspiration I really end up working from imagination in my design work.  With quilting, as much as I try to plan, I usually end up doing improv. That is what makes me happy!

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Oh, I think I just answered this one. It makes me happy! Like many artists, I do think in whatever way I incorporate it into my life, I simply MUST create. It’s like breathing. There are no hidden meanings or messages to my work. I like to make things I haven’t seen before, though of course I am inspired by everything I see around me and by 200 year old art and design as well as the latest and greatest

4. How does my writing/creative process work?

For me, things usually come from imagination and sort of percolate up. Then comes the very pragmatic task of getting things drawn out on paper and rendered in the computer. Once motifs get rendered it is a RIOT playing with them and trying different things and layout, sizes, colors–it’s always a flurry putting together a design collection at the end. What I imagine in the beginning is only the start of what I have in the final collection. Though kind of like waking from a dream where you can only seem to remember portions of it, sometimes what I have in the end is just a whisper of the original creative epiphany.  Some things are just too precious for this world and never make it out into the light!

And…drumroll please…I am tagging Mitttie Cuetara and Pati Fried for the next leg of this journey.  I went local as I know both of these artist/designers from the area. And both designers to watch may I add!

Mittie Cuetara is a textile design school friend and design group buddy and is an incredibly prolific and versatile artist.  Her surface design website is, but check out her current project of landmark illustrations printed on fabric items, at

Pati Fried is a very well-known local quilter, teacher, and quilt pattern designer. She blogs on both her own site and See How We Sew. She also is a fabric designer and word has it, shhh…she has some new fabric design collections in the works.  I met her at the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild where her skillful and gorgeous quilts always make me swoon.

Check them out next Monday Oct 20th for their turn on the Around the World Blog Hop!

Three quilts in the piecing cue….


latest quilt in progress–almost done piecing…

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