Sew Sunday update

Well, I pretty much finished piecing the back of my sugar pop quilt. I used some fabric I designed and ordered on Spoonflower, a sort of variation on a design rendition of which will be sold at Quilt Market in the Pop Rocks collection at Andover.  These pieces were only for me, for this quilt.  This one miffed me a bit and I totally changed the composition a few times, usually by letting it sit for a day or a week and then just switching things around.  I wanted to keep it simple and relatively improvisational, but sometimes it didn’t look right until I got to major editing!

What really made it I think is the addition of what looks like the darker strips.  I had planned on adding them for a different reason… They belong to a large supply of fabric strips that I have access to via my god-daughter.  They belonged to her mother (my best friend) who cut them for her own quilting projects.  She passed away several years ago. Back then I used to buy her fabric and textiles on my travels, then when I became a textile designer I sort of envisioned that I was designing for her and I was reluctant to start sewing again myself, as that was her part!

So I found a gang of sewing partners to sew such cool projects with my fabrics. But now that I have started to sew again myself, AND learning how to quilt, I am so excited to include some of her fabric that she cut into each project. I don’t plan on sewing all my own projects with my fabric when they come out as I love the collaboration with my sister sewsters. But I’ll do one here or there.  In the meantime, like I have been saying, I am quilting for the sheer fun of it, and sharing my learning journey from scratch.  Some day I’ll really learn to quilt, but I love just digging in and playing and seeing what comes out!  You’re only a beginner once!

Sugar Pop quilt back by Carol Van Zandt

Sugar Pop quilt back by Carol Van Zandt

Sugar Pop quilt back detail by Carol Van Zandt

Sugar Pop quilt back detail by Carol Van Zandt

So, next I am going to square this off, get some batting and quilt this myself!  Another grand experiment. Can’t wait to show you the finished results (don’t hold your breath). I will have to get into my most brave mood.

In the meantime, I have been dying to start the next quilt, the working title of which is going to be blue lagoon, but am sure that will change before it is finished.  I have been collecting a ton of blue cloth, organic hand-dyed indigos and other cottons.  I have a design in mind and I was going to use pieces of another print I designed and printed on Spoonflower which has a teal background with some other sugarpop type of colors.  I thought about designing a stripe to go with it, them I decided to sew it instead. And one night after I cut a bunch of strips, I realized I had better sew fast or those cats were going to totally mess it up.  So here are some shots of my progress. bluelagoon1




In the end I think some of the pieces are too wide so I will keep cutting the largest ones in the center and switch them around and sew them up to make more narrow stripes.  These are just supposed to be hints of colors amongst a sea of blue so can’t have them making too much of a statement. That will be fun!  Hmm, I think one side of the quilt will be only blues, the other side that includes these stripes will be “mostly blues”.

Looking forward to going to quilt market  and can’t wait to see the exhibitions.  I will be blogging from there so stay tuned-lots of pics!

2 thoughts on “Sew Sunday update

  1. So fun to see your process, Carol! I love that “you’re only a beginner once”! Watching you become a quilt artist is truly amazing. I LOVE everything you’ve quilted so far, and can’t wait to see what comes out of that genius brain, next! And cats love to quilt, too, you know!


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