Time to reorganize the textile collection…

Well, its time to face the textile collection and organize and put it away.  Much of it was being stored in suitcases while our favorite fairy was living with us, but now that the guest room is vacated I’m taking back half of the closet for the material storage.  Mind you this does not include my quilting cottons, though I am saving the top two shelves for special sewing fabrics, but have another unit in the studio near the sewing area for most of the sewing bits. Many of these I collected on my travels, while others I collected while in textile design school to study the layouts and rendering techniques.

So, the cool thing I want to share is that this is a standard sized closet, the ones with the sliding doors, built in the 60’s. I bought IKEA kitchen base cabinets for $33 each and stacked them.  They are exactly the depth of the closet, so I fold the fabric in long lengths and it holds a ton.  They are 24 3/4″ deep, 29 7/8″ wide and 30 3/8 ” high.  They are such a perfect fit, I outfitted the closet in my office with the same to store shipping boxes, portfolios, boxes of paper for large format printing, etc.

So here are some shots of the shelves and some of the fabrics before they get stashed…




the vintage florals using “cuts” rendering technique


some of the floral vines, fantasy flowers and Jacobeans


my favorites, the Chinoiseries, the eclectic mixes of large motif vintage, folk and historical ref in layouts with crazy ribbons, stripes and ogees


the paisleys


the tropicals, many using drybrush rendering techniques


Japanese obis, many pre 1925


Chinese silks and brocades






Ah…all nice and neat once again…

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