Sew Sundays are back!

Whew!  That was an intense push before and after Surtex. I think I can now have at least a half day off and start these sewing projects that are accumulating.  Now I have three quilts I want to make and one I have to bind. (And a beach bag!)

One of the quilts is inspired by a new design collection I debuted at Surtex called pop-rocks.  It will be made of all solids but will use the sugar pop colors from the collection and will incorporate some of the motifs.  Still trying to figure out whether I am going to use a grey, a blue or a milk chocolate color as the main solid, and part of me is thinking about using all of them to mellow out all the sugar pop colors. I had planned on starting to cut this yesterday, but another thing came up so this will have to wait until next week!  But in my mind’s eye I have a variety of cool compositions in mind..IMG_9547The big distraction was an idea to use some precut strips of fabric as part of some quilts.  These strips came from someone special who is no longer with us, and the project I will keep somewhat secret until we get closer, but I KNOW y’all like to sort thru fabrics. And I had fun untying those bundles and sorting all the strips to see what there is and come up with ideas of how to use them in quilts. Mind you these are at least ten years old…maybe 20. Have a gander…IMG_9543


IMG_9544Anybody recognize any of them? Its going to be interesting!

And then the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild started meeting at a store called A verb For Keeping Warm, which is a very cool shop.  I found some to die for stacks of organic indigo dyed fabric, and therefore there will be a project using these as the main.  I dug out all my Japanese blue and white fabrics but not sure if they go, so this one shall require some pondering… and shopping, and think I will go all organic on this one. Why not!IMG_9546


Stay tuned!

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