Off to Surtex

Well its been pedal to the metal the last several weeks getting ready for Surtex. But ready I am. Everything is packed and we leave in the AM.  I am lucky enough to not only have Jack traveling with me and helping out, but two designer friends are also going to help out a bit at the booth to learn the ropes for themselves.

Who are they? Kim Andersson is one of them, and her recent work can be seen on The Printed Bolt where she is doing great in their design competition having won 2 of the three challenges so far. Caitley Symons of Caitley Symons Designs is the other.  I met Caitley at Quilt Market and we have kept in touch. She has been designing and printing her own textiles (gorgeous!–check them out!) Both of these designers are talented with a great aesthetic and a great attitude and I look forward to Surtex’ing with them!

I have had to abandon the sewing projects in the last month, but look forward to some projects I have outlined for the summer. In the meantime, I was surprised to find a new design book I didn’t own and I love it!  Its 20th Century Pattern Design by Leslie Jackson.  Here I’ll show you the table of contents. I love the way it is curated and organized by decade. IMG_9451




AND I can’t wait to get back and do some designs with leaves, as its been gorgeous walking around here this time of year with all the new leaves coming out and that amazing spring green. A few of my favorite shots below–not for the photography but for the potential for motifs.

See y’all after Surtex, and that will also be after Quilt Market which I am looking forward to catching up on the goings-on since I can’t be there!  I bet Andover’s booth is going to be great this year, what with the new logo and look at all.





3 thoughts on “Off to Surtex

  1. Have a GREAT show, Carol Van Zandt!!!! You’re going to be knocking many socks off, I just know it! Enjoy yourself, too!


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