Surtex prep is ON!

Ok, it is March.  The heat is on. Now its really time to get that Surtex prep going. I have a new time management plan for the month of March.  Sometimes its good to change it up a bit. Mondays will be my Surtex prep days and I will just dig in and check everything off the list until all that is left is printing my banners and I will leave that and a few other things for April.  So for those following along with their own Surtex prep, here’s a window into mine:

Ok, today I:
•updated my directory listing (online)
•printed out the booth description and specs document
•filled out the Credit Card Authorization Form
•E-mailed Mike Edson to make a formal request to change the size of the return panel on my corner booth (I wanted only a half meter, the default is a full meter. If you want to change it you need to contact Mike in writing)
•Filled out the Service Order Payment Form (since I will be ordering services)
•Played with my diorama and decided on how I want to configure things in my booth
•filled out the Booth Package Optional Items Order Form (I’m getting some angled shelves a skirted table and a couple contour chairs)
•Completed the Booth Package Selection Form online–confirms whether you want the high counter and stools, or low table and chairs for your booth (part of the booth cost)
•Filled out the Electrical Request Form
•Ordered more supplies for hanging things in the booth (Command Strips)

One thing to realize, there is GES, and the Javits Center–they both take care of different things and some forms go to one or the other, and sometimes it feels like duplication. It isn’t.

Phew!! A couple more logistical things to go, but this gets a lot of it out of the way.  Many of these deadlines aren’t until much later, but just want to get them done! Next week I will send out my press releases and finalize my advertising plan. I may go smaller this year. Maybe not!

Onwards, Surtex Artists and Designers!

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One thought on “Surtex prep is ON!

  1. Thanks for sharing about your prep, Carol! I’m exhibiting at Surtex for the first time this year and it’s so helpful to see how other artists manage all the details 🙂


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