Sneak peak at my first quilt top…no laughing!

Well, back after a little blogcation–I take those a lot!  What’s been happening….

Well, the Stitch Modern show of the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild had a textile design panel discussion that I was lucky to be on as I got to meet some great and talented designers: Ellen Heck of Cathy Heck Studios, Jennifer Moore of Monaluna, Patty Fried, and Sandy Klop of American Jane.  It was fun, moderated by quilter and The Printed Bolt fabric design finalist Kim Andersson.

I also attended the lecture on Improv Quilting by Sherri Lynn Wood (more on that later) which was fantastic and gave me the courage I needed to dive into a project I had been meaning to start for awhile.

The quilt top is done. I just need to add one more strip to the left side so that I can attempt to square it off before I pin it to the backing and batting and figure out how I am going to quilt it!  Pretty excited as this is my first quilt. I have been dying to do something with these silks for years, and so this is kind of a big test case. I learn by my mistakes so might as well dive right in and make them! Its a little wonky–actually wish it was more so so it looks more wonky deliberate, not wonky wrong.  But time to play and finish it and move on.  I was so glad to do this improvisational style.  I need a name for it. Any ideas?



the original drawing for the quilt against the fabric leftovers

AND I have been collecting fabrics for my next quilt which is actually going to be used as a bedspread in a particular spot. I’ve decided to use all cottons and straight lines with this one.  Its inspired by some of the designs in my latest design collection which has a working title of “divine” which I will probably be changing. But in the meantime here is a pic of some of the fabrics. It is going to be mostly either the grey or blue background with the “pretty” colors doing most of the talking and supplying the movement.  The more and more this design is going around in my head, I think I’m going to plan in out in Illustrator first, and do it up semi proper in blocks.   IMG_9179OK, so that is the latest from my Sew Sunday, the only day I take a 100% break from my art and design biz and sew JUST FOR FUN!

3 thoughts on “Sneak peak at my first quilt top…no laughing!

  1. Wow! Carol, this is GORGEOUS! For me, it evokes Gustav Klimt, and also 20th Century Fox, with the searchlight beams sweeping back and forth. I love the Sew Sunday idea. So possible names: Lazy Sunday, Silk Road, Century, Crossings, Féte, Hot Springs, Searchlight, Stream of Consciousness…that’s all I got!


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