Do Cats Like Paisley?

Mine do.  And so do I!

The day I was digging into all my paisley books to get me in a paisley mood, Tito and Charlie were right there with the paisley love.  Yes, I know it is the box that really attracted Tito but there he is right on top of the paisley books I was going to leaf through.  Then with Charlie, stretched out on the Etro paisley duvet, it was a paisley cat day.

In the meantime I did manage to study traditional paisleys and make sketches for possible borders to go on mine since I wanted to build them myself, and know even if I was putting together a traditional “looking” paisley, that they would be unique and original and built from scratch. Sorry I can’t show you the finished product, but here are some shots of great paisley textile books that are great for inspiration and reference. Yum!




5 thoughts on “Do Cats Like Paisley?

  1. I’m sure some cats do love paisley; just look at how they curl their tails and bodies into that paisley motif! I’m a believer that you are a master paisley-er, Carol. Yours was always a favorite back in our school daze.


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