The new studio reveal…

Ok, I’ve been talking about my new studio on and off on social media here and there, so here finally is the big reveal, though I took these pics before the holidays. We have a sewing corner, the main painting/drawing/calligraphy/craft table, and a corner saved for still photography.  I have my Chinese painting table up against my big desk table and under that the large flat file and all the big large flat stuff is tucked, and I put all my large tubes of paper and other things behind the door.  And there is little storage area behind the studio up against the earth where we have the giant roll of bubble wrap, craft paper, and large other odd things on a suspended shelf.   But all the supplies are here in one place, in one room, for the first time in forever.  I’ll show you a bit more of it all over time…

And then of course the Bohemian Bed for guests overflow and for inspiration breaks. Jack and Dalip made the sewing table and workbenches, and painted the sides of my big huge desk white to update it a bit (and I insisted he not use Kilz which means he had to do a million coats, I’m kind of in trouble for that request).

We have had some changes–the computer is no longer in there, and we got a nice rolling tall chair for the sewing station.  I love this place. Am grateful to have it. I was going to try and dig up pictures of my other art studios which were all a fraction the size of this, but it involved too much work sorting through albums–another project for this year–transferring photos to photos boxes and getting rid of the heavy albums!

Pictures never really capture the whole thing but here it is anyway….from multiple angles…












7 thoughts on “The new studio reveal…

  1. I just received a new desk for my birthday. I have a small corner, some shelves and storage bins, and now a larger work area. i am thrilled…. but oh to have multiple work areas and display… and flat storage files…. you must truly be in heaven. Congratulations! Enjoy! Looks wonderful! wishing you a creative New Year!


  2. Oh, Carol! Of course you deserve such an expansive and inspirational place! Can’t wait to see what your muse brings forth with such a big dance floor! Enjoy.


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