Happy New Year! (and my cool new jacket)

Happy new Year!

Well, I guess I had another long blogcation. I had intended on signing out before the holidays, but I disappeared instead.  We had quite a white Christmas visiting family in Western New York.  Back now and things are starting to get into order.  Am very excited for a new year that doesn’t involve moving house.

I was all ready to start a new sewing project but now I have a badly sprained ankle and I can’t drive either my car nor my Janome in this big boot they have me in.  Bummed, but silver lining is that I spent more time yesterday planning it, so am less likely to be making a hot mess.  Since I am sewing/quilting for fun only, and one of my New Year’s goals is to not work 24/7,  I have decided to not do any work work on Sundays and I call it “Sew Sundays” or “Studio Sundays” (interchangeably depending on what non-revenue creating creative endeavor I embark on).

Now I just I have to show off my new kimono style jacket which CJ from Bleu Barn Studios whipped up using Licorice Fizz and her own imagination (and considerable skills).  This has been so much fun to wear!

cj tunic




8 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (and my cool new jacket)

  1. Nice, nice, nice Carol! And congrats on your P&P blog featured designs!! I vote for a “Studio/Sew Sundays”! I have been thinking to do a similar thing twice a week, in the evenings, but it hasn’t worked out yet…;)

    Wishing you a fast recovery from your sprained ankle – Alex


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