Introducing “The Daaster”

We have the joy right now of having our goddaughter stay with us as she looks for a job in the area (environmental science major just out of school).  This creative force makes things out of anything–sews up a storm, will find online tutorials and surprise us with folding paper pop-up flowers, paper airplanes, etc.  You may have seen her on here modeling the original clothes she designed and made with Tokyo Rococo and Licorice Fizz.

She’s a dynamo, and she is going to be a guest blogger here on “The Plaid Portico” and maybe on “a laughing gate” too.  Her name is Daas, but I commonly refer to her as The Daaster, Daaserini and the list goes on.  As a way of introduction to our new guest blogger, you just have to see photos of her on Halloween.  She decided to be a butterfly garden ( !? !).  I had the pleasure of watching her make her costume. So with a simple dress and a trip to Michaels, a needle and thread and a glue gun, voila!

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