Quilt Market & Licorice Fizz

Ok, a bit of a recap on Licorice Fizz.  I received a small amount of advance yardage several weeks ago and got it out to people to make projects for Quilt Market.  We had a great array of projects in the end, and I’ll show you a few here now.  Then while I was at market a store owner told me  she had gotten a message that day that Licorice Fizz had just arrived in her shop, AND my goddaughter told me my bolts arrived also, so it is officially starting to ship!  I see it starting to pop up on a few online stores,  so in a couple months it should be pretty readily found. Excited!

In the meantime, let me show you a few projects.  The first one is by Liz Pawlik of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild–I love this group!  I lunched with a whole group of them at The Sewing Summit in Salt Lake mid-month, and they asked if I needed any project samples for quilt market and they all decided Liz was the one to do something with my remaining fat quarter set.  She’s pretty amazing they all say.  And so she is! So she whipped this marvelous bag adapting a Noddlehead Pattern.  I love it- thank you Liz! So fun to see you all at Market too!

Bag by Liz Pawlik, adapting the 241 tote pattern by Noodlehead

Bag by Liz Pawlik adapting the 241 tote pattern by Noodlehead

Then there is this amazing cute apron by Maritucker Hanemann, an original design. Maritucker came up to my booth at Surtex and said she had my first collection of fabric, Tokyo Rococo.  We chatted about fabric and sewing, and it ends up aprons are one of her specialties, so was so glad she offered to make one with Licorice Fizz.  This is SOO cute!

Apron by Maritucker Hanemann using Licorice Fizz

Apron by Maritucker Hanemann using Licorice Fizz

Apron by Maritucker Hanemann using Licorice Fizz

So a few pics of Licorice Fizz at the Andover booth.  Daas’ dress, so cute, an original design, graced one of the mannequins in front of some shimmeringly gorgeous patterns (I’m a fan) of Lonni Rossi’s new collection Fairmont Park.

Dress by Daas

And a quilt pattern for Licorice Fizz is available as a free download here, and a pic of it at the booth below:

Ok, next posting, more on pics of Quilt Market booths and more cool quilts from the exhibition after that.  Have a great weekend!

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