Sewing Summit 2012 Wrap-up

Well I think I left off after Friday’s Sewing Summit 2012 events and now its Tuesday.  Time for a little catch-up.  Friday night a bunch of us had a dinner, joined by Becky from Patchwork Posse who had some cool new projects in tow using Licorice Fizz (stay tuned).  Then we joined the social between the Sewing Summit and the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild.  Wow, door prizes galore!

Saturday, again, I had a great time and learned a ton.  First up was Melissa Esplin,  Website Design. Tons of tips. OK, think positive thoughts.  I will rework my website and blog designs when I have a chance. Thank you Melissa!

Next was Creative Journey with Lindsay Connor of Craftbuds and CraftFoxes.  I just love hearing people’s stories. You will be hearing more about this lady that’s for sure.

And Successful Blogging with Tauni Everett of SNAP fame.  Whoa–tons of information! Dynamo!

A highlight for me Saturday were the keynotes speakers. At lunch we had Joel Dewberry who spoke about how he started his business and he shared in a wonderful way his design philosophy and process including his signature color stories.

Nancy Soriano gave the keynote at dinner, and I remember her well as the co-founder of The Creative Connection Event that I went to last year.  And she told the story of her creative journey (impressive) and talked of mentors, how to keep going forward, being brave and remembering what is important.  At least that is what I took out of it.

More blog links from people I met:

And one lunch I ended up with a whole crew from The Houston Modern Quilt Guild.  Exciting ladies I hope to meet up with in Houston around Quilt Market time….and they may have some Licorice Fizz and Tokyo Rococo projects in hand!

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