Sewing Summit 2012 1st night

Phew! Finally arrived into Salt Lake after several flight delays in time enough to get settled into the hotel and join the crowd at the opening night reception of Sewing Summit 2012.  People a buzzing–many spent the day in groups quilt shop hopping, and people drove and flew in from all over and there were many plans for group dinners.  Mostly people were excited to meet new people, see people again they’ve met before, and there was much talk and excitement about the classes and agenda in the days ahead.

The swag!! A bag full at the opening reception, and more and more and more as the night went on, but here are shots of the initial bag:

swag bag

contents of the swag bag

And then the best bag, made for me by “Daas” using a few of my favorite patterns of Licorice Fizz.  Perfect for my notebook, ipad, and camera…

dinner crew

I collected a few cards from my night out and I will share some great links to websites and blogspots:

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Sewing Summit’s update..


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