The Daaster does Licorice FIZZ

There are some great projects coming up using Licorice FIZZ, several of which will be shown at Quilt Market in Houston, but today we did a little photoshoot with Daas’ Fizz dress which she sewed backwards!  After she had all the pieces cut up, her machine stopped working going forwards so she did 3/4 of the dress sewing backwards, then finished it up on her sister’s machine.

Using pieces of sparkly things from her prom dress, I love this fun dress on this fun lady!

take a spin!

The Fizz dress by “Daas” using Licorice Fizz

3 thoughts on “The Daaster does Licorice FIZZ

  1. Well, now you’re going to have to beat down the rush of suitors that are going to come around. They can sense a disturbance when someone so talented and gorgeous is in the vicinity! So if this what she can do sewing backwards, just imagine!!! Your fabric just comes alive on this project, Carol! I love the insets on the skirt, and how the bodice becomes geometric with the seaming. What a team!


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