Wow! Lilly Loray’s retro kitchen textiles

Sorry this blog took quite a bit of a break but we are back on track, and so excited about the launch of Lilly Loray‘s kitchen textile line.  Extra excited of course as I worked with Lilly Loray on the art for the textiles and may I say it was an absolute pleasure.  Retro inspired and quality printed and sewn in the UK, the line consists of tea towels, oven mitts, pot holders and aprons to start out with.  They will be available in select UK stores and online of course.

They had a great photo shoot in Cornwall wonderfully documented on their new blog, ‘lil’ including yum recipes.  Wishing them success and looking forward to their next product offerings!

Lilly Loray

Lilly Loray tea towels

Lilly Loray aprons

Lilly Loray double oven mitts

Lilly Loray oven mitts

Lilly Loray tea towels

Lilly Loray pot holders

4 thoughts on “Wow! Lilly Loray’s retro kitchen textiles

  1. Congrats on getting more of your babies out into the world!! Fly, little darlings, Fly!! Keep it up! Such beautiful work, as always!! Very Scandinavian for a CVZ offering!


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