Of Saffron, headboards and pho..

Yes, I did fall off the face of the earth; well at least as far as my blogs go.  But I am back!  After buying a house, moving and having contractors in the new house for 4 weeks, we are now all in and starting to feel settled.  I had to keep up with aspects of my design biz, so something had to give and it ended up being my blogs and social media. Oh well, onwards and upwards–and outwards once again!

There are exciting things to share.  Advance yardage for Licorice Fizz, my second collection with Andover Fabrics is out in some able hands being made into some very cool projects for Quilt Market in Houston, which I am very excited to be going to again this year. AND I will be going to The Sewing Summit in Salt Lake next weekend.  I signed up for it eons ago (I was one of the first ones),  and I shall have plenty to blog about during both the Sewing Summit and Quilt Market.

And here is a little no-sew project.  We looked around for a new bed and couldn’t find one we liked so decided to just get new mattresses and give our old headboard a facelift until we find our dream bed. So since our bedroom colors were staying the same–SAFFRON with mixes of papricka, gold, yellow, copper, I pulled out fabrics with those colors and decided on an iridescent raw silk in saffron and paprika with flashes of fuchsia.  Stapled it on the same as the original headboard material was. Easy as pie, and voila, a freshened up headboard.

the old headboard

Fabric Choices-I went with the one at the far left…a raw silk from Cambodia

The new headboard-fabric stapled onto the back of the headboard

And, unrelated, but in the same iphoto location and looking delectable right now, a pic of the garnishes for pho that Gioi and his wife brought over…yumm

One thought on “Of Saffron, headboards and pho..

  1. Welcome back, CVZ!! And congrats on the new abode. Your “new” headboard rocks. Clever Girl. Mmmmm. Pho. My computer and I have missed you! Can’t wait to see how Licorice Fizz will be transformed in the real world.


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