Ever Kelly & Storybook Lane

I met Kelly Lee Creel of Ever Kelly at Quilt Market in the fall of 2011, and just was so tickled about her design and creative world, and am so glad to feature her here.  Kelly is a craft and pattern designer AND a fabric designer. Her first fabric collection, Storybook Lane, with Andover fabrics, is way more than your usual fabric collection. It is a whole world all its own and a unique design concept.

Storybook Lane by Ever Kelly

Storybook Lane features two panels that can be cut up and sewn into dolls, finger puppets, houses, and more. Getting ready for her own booth at spring Quilt Market 2012, she had a “whole village-making machine” with help from friends and family, sewing up house play sets, purses, finger puppets, and play mats.  Well worth it as she won second place in Single Booth Category!

Storybook Lane finger puppets

Her studio stash includes oodles of notions (including massive amounts of interfacing) to have all the necessary things to create without feeling hindered, and always ready to sew. Having recently moved from Los Angeles to Seattle, and getting her first sewing patterns ready to ship, her new workspace is still taking shape and includes a fabric cutting station in her closet!
Let’s take a journey down Storybook Lane

Storybook Lane fabric collection from Andover Fabrics, Inc.

Storybook Lane by Ever Kelly

Storybook Lane Pop Up Book by Ever Kelly

Storybook Lane by Ever Kelly

Ever Kelly

Kelly Lee-Creel of Ever Kelly

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