Studio Stash Revealed: Bleu Barn Studios

Well, our trip to Bleu Barn Studios became a lot more that a “Studio Stash Revealed” as CJ Behling is one of those prolific designer/artist, quilter/pattern designer, teacher/writer types, and she had us both going.   She always amazes me and I am not sure when she sleeps! I tried my hand at the long arm and was slightly disappointed. I kind of thought I would take to that easily but I wasn’t a natural. Then again I also wasn’t a natural at the wacom tablet, but now its like another appendage so there IS hope with time and practice.  Sarah, (my niece who’s interning with me this June) just clicked with that big machine, so much so that CJ gave her a whole quilt to quilt–and she even gets to keep it!

While she was doing that I got to try out the serger, and CJ showed me several options for finishing my modern quilt top placemats (photos later), AND I did my first binding on a mini-quilt. So in the tradition of passing it on, I will be teaching  Sarah how to do the binding for her quilt before she leaves. We got some nice Alexander Henry “black skulls on fire” fabric from Mendels which will be a great contrast to the pink and will work with the black on the quilt top.

What a fun day–thank you CJ!  Now for a few shots of Bleu Barn Studios and our memorable time there:

the long arm

Sarah quilting

Sarah’s signature retro pattern she just came up with first time at the long arm

nice view out of the studio

We had a pink moment, what with the quilt backing matching CJ at all!

2 thoughts on “Studio Stash Revealed: Bleu Barn Studios

  1. What fun! Sarah’s pretty much a crack shot at whatever she tries! Carol, I think you’re having a little too much fun out there… So great to see CJ’s studio, one o’ my favorite quilt goddesses!


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