Surtex 2012, it was a good one!

Well, another one down! Completed my second Surtex show 2 days ago and it sure was fun.  We arrived with 4 checked suitcases and a very large checked tube full of banners and the usual carry-ons.  We stayed in the Times Square area close to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and alternated taking a short taxi ride, shuttle bus, or walking to and fro.  First night- of course a jaunt around Times Square….

Didn’t you know?

Next day, time for booth set-up.  For this show there are paneled walls and one table, 3 chairs, 4 lights and a trash can included.  We opted to add a small table and two lower chairs and a shelf. Here is a before pic:

Though I had done a mock-up of where everything was going to go in the booth, you never know until you get there and get several sets of eyes on it (kind of like any kind of design, right?)  I brought miniatures of the banners which we tacked up to eyeball how it would really look, and we did indeed switch a few around before we affixed them to the panels.    Last year I had vinyl banners with dowels inside and used s-hooks hung from the top.   This year we had lighter weight, but more fragile paper banners.  We brought two options for hanging-large silver binder clips and a plethora of large and small 3M command strips. We tried the binder clips first and then went with the command strips and it all worked beautifully and held for the whole show.


Voila! The final booth arrangement below.  The last few days before I came I decided to design something fun for the one outside panel and for the sides of the counter.  I did “popdots” filled with snippets of designs, and then while we were there we decided to do a little extra number on the corner pole.  We were showing a LOT of art on the banners, and pretty well decorated the booth too. We had all the art in folders as hard copy print-outs, plus on ipads and we showed a little bit of both to the prospective licensees and buyers.

Two things I personally really liked this year.  One was the corner booth. You do give up a bit of privacy, but we really liked the open vantage point.  The second thing was having three people in the booth – it worked like a charm.  One could be away getting refreshed or fed and watered while there were still two there.  Its nice to have the company, but even more helpful to have someone help move around the art and both remember afterwards which pieces the company had expressed an interest in.  We’re still getting the hang of it, so its nice to tag team it. I was extra lucky to have Jack and Daas who both know all my collections inside and out, are able bodied, supportive and cheerful.   Jack and Daas alternated attending and taking notes at the trend seminars (I think we covered them all) and even scouted out the National Stationary show. Daas was true to form and was certainly the “laughing gate” part of our booth experience.  Fingers crossed we are all three together again next year and we do plan on being in the same booth–327.

We had a great time, got good feedback, had wonderful neighbors, and oh oh oh can I say here how much I love being around all that creative energy and meeting or seeing again so many wonderful designers. Its almost like a three day design party!  Everyone is not only respectful, but helpful and encouraging to each other. It is a true community.

Had family converging in the area from other continents for a very special end of the year and graduation for a very wonderful niece (she reminds me of cinnamon sugar) so was out each night with family and stayed the rest of the week in the vicinity, but back this weekend to catch up on sleep and hit the follow-up trail.

Over and out Surtex 2012. It was a good one.  Charlie had fun too….

Charlie. by Daas.

Lots of new projects with Tokyo Rococo to report on in the next few posts…stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Surtex 2012, it was a good one!

  1. I love seeing the before & after shots of the booth… which was marvelous! So exciting to see. Love that little bunny. You just reminded me that my mom makes them too.


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  3. I love seeing the before and after photos of your booth. So glad you had a busy event! Your patterns are so vibrant and lively, no wonder you were busy!


  4. Well done! Big congrats to you and all your team. Deeeeep breath. Aaaaand–release. Ahhhhh. You did beautifully, my friend. I hope the follow-up is rich and rewarding.


    • It was great to see you again too Jen, and I’ve always loved the name of your studio, “sorry so happy” makes me laugh all the time! Your booth looked great–so much really original work! see you next year…


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