Studio Stash Revealed: Alex Colombo

Time for another “Studio Stash Revealed”, this time with Alex ColomboAlex is a designer and artist from Milan, Italy who is now based in the U.S. She has a twenty year background in design, including textile design, interior, and graphic design.  Most recently Alex has been illustrating, which has brought her to the world of art licensing.

Alex’s art is fresh, whimsical and folky, and is described as having a unique twist of American and European flair, artfully blending the best of both worlds. Her vibrant hand painted and digital designs will debut at Surtex 2012 at Booth 464 – Montage Licensing.

Alex is also the person behind the popular blog, Moon from My Attic, which offers advice, tips, and interviews with new and established licensing artists everywhere. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Alex and she is one of those artists you just know will be successful, and she is such a pleasure.  Attached are some shots of her studio and a sampling of her art.

2 thoughts on “Studio Stash Revealed: Alex Colombo

  1. Hooray Alex! So happy to see YOU featured, you so generously feature everyone else on your blog! Your work ( and studio ) look great! cheers, Wendy Edelson


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