From the inspiration Library–V&A Textile Collection

I found The Victoria and Albert Museum’s Textile Collection, Design for Printed Textiles in England from 1750 to 1850 at a used book store here for a great price. That set me on a search for more of the same. Lo and behold I found three more in the series at used booksellers, also for great prices. (US$25 or less) I already had a few V&A books but they were a smaller outline,  where these are nice and big and full of photos.  Yes, I love books on design and textiles– old, new or in between.

I’m showing a pic of the cover of each followed by a few sample shots of what is inside–some because they’re so unique and some because it seems like I could see something like that on a product in a store today (ok, maybe with a different palette).  Its all inspiration either way.  This is just a tease–these books have an intro with historical info and notes from the author, but are chock full of images–from 116 to 210.  Yay for used books, and I really hope there are some reprints of many of the textile book collections I’ve run across.  Enjoy and head out to your used bookstore (or the web)!

by Wendy Hefford, Canopy Books, a division of Abbeville Press, Inc. NY

paper impression of a printed textile, Merton Abbey 1780

furnishing chintzes, 1836

Printed cottons 1830's

by Linda Parry, Canopy Books, A division of Abbeville Press, Inc. NY

block printed woolen dress fabrics, mid 1800's

woven silk and cotton vesting, Spitalfields and Macclesfield, later 1800's

"Bexley" woven silk. Century Guild (A.H. Mackmurdo) Warner & Ramm 1880's, "Peacock" block printed cotton, Century Guild (A.H. Mackmurdo) Simpson & Godlee 1882

Left: woven silk, Lindsay P. Butterfield for Warner and Sons 1901 Right: Printed Cotton, Lindsay P. Butterfield for Turnbull & Stockdale, LTD., 1901

by Valerie Mendes, Canopy Books, A division of Abbeville Press, Inc. NY
this one was in the Boston Public Library for awhile

top left: printed silk, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, William Foxton, 1918. top right: printed cotton, probably Charles Rennie Mackintosh, William Foxton, 1918. bottom left: "Blue Ross" roller printed cloth, Percy Bilbie, F.W. Grafton & Co. 1922. bottom right: roller printed cotton, Claud Lovat Fraser, William Foxton, 1920

Printed Linens. Omega Workshop. 1913. "Amenophis", "Margery", "White", "Pamela", "Mechtide", "Maud"

Left: printed cottons, Calico Printers Association 1919-1921. right top: Printed cotton voile, F. Steiner & Co., 1920, right bottom: Printed woolen plush, T.F. Firth & Sons, 1926

top: "Mendip", jacquard woven cotton. Charles Grant, Warner & Sons, 1934. bottom: Jacquard woven cotton and rayon. F.O.R. Plaistow, Courtaulds LTD., 1931

present in this case is 1999
by Ngozi Ikoku

top left: screen printed cotton crepe, designed by Marian Mahler for David Whitehead LTD. 1952. top right: roller-printed spun rayon, designed by Jacqueline Groag for David Whitehead Ltd, 1952, bottom left: roller printed spun rayon, designed by J. Feldman for David Whitehead Ltd, 1954, bottom right: roller-printed spun rayon, designed by Jacqueline Groag for David Whitehead Ltd, 1952

Designed by Lucienne Day, top deisgns for Heal's Wholesale and Export LTD, bottom designs for British Celanese Ltd. top left: "Rig" 1953, top right: "Graphica" 1954, bottom left: "Perpetua" 1953, bottom right: "Miscellany" 1953

left: "nearing Circles" jacquard woven wool and linen, designed by William Scott for Edinburgh Weavers, Ltd, 1962. right: "Megalith", jacquard woven cotton and rayon, designed by Alan Reynolds for Edinburgh Weavers Ltd, 1964

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