Stamp Shack Lady does Tokyo Rococo

Too much fun seeing the projects people make from my fabric–well from any fabric for that matter!   Stamp Shack Lady has SO SO many cool projects of all kinds–way beyond fabric, Christie Daugherty is a DIY queen, and just the most wonderful person to boot; one of my Creative Connection Event connections.  That’s what its all about.  She has a wonderful tutorials on the projects shown here on her blog so head on over there and check it out! Stamp Shack Lady

Pillow and mugs tutorial HERE

Cinch sac tutorial HERE

Stamp Shack Lady

Cute Pillow! From Stamp Shack Lady!

Cool Mugs–going to get me some of those! Stamp Shack Lady projects.

Cinch bags from Stamp Shack Lady–for a great tutorial on how to make these from a fat quarter click on image!

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