Everyday Inspiration

Surtex prep has started.  The lists.  The design goals to finish. The booth planning.  The banner designs.  The marketing materials.  Submission to magazines. Etc, etc.   Luckily, I still have time to design and so still always have my eye out for inspiration.  And yes, I bring my camera most everywhere!  Though now with instagram I have photos in all sorts of places on devices.  I never know when I will find something inspiring for my design work whether motifs, palettes, or compositional structure.  Here is some of my latest inspiration off the regular camera.  

2 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration

  1. These are all so lovely. I have been known to carry 3 cameras but only when I know there will be tons of inspiring eye candy. I do try to reign myself in to only 1 most of the time. Also, I know exactly what you mean about having the shots strewn all over tarnation.


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