Design Evolution: Prism swirl

original sketch ©CAROL VAN ZANDT

Today in the Design Evolution series, here is a geometric pattern made from a simple drawing.  First a snapshot of the drawing was put it into photoshop and the lines isolated (5mins).  The result is only 2 colors, black and white.  tip:  don’t dawdle at this point, it a waste of time.  If you are going to work with your art in Photoshop, then it is worth scanning it and spending more time cleaning it up.  If its going into Illustrator, a photo is fine, just make all the black solid black before moving it over from Photoshop to Illustrator.     In Illustrator it was live traced–I use a custom  trace option. You can choose “simple trace” and adjust it so its not too smooth nor too jagged.  Play round with it and save your settings as your own custom option. Then it is colored and then four of them put together, rotated and flipped to make a larger pattern which was then put it into repeat.  Both the original and the whole repeat are put into symbols so any more edits effect the whole design.

1st revision with color and then duplicated and composed into a repeat motif ©CAROL VAN ZANDT


Prism Swirl on the Flip Video Camera ©CAROL VAN ZANDT

Reduced to two more muted colors for home dec applications ©CAROL VAN ZANDT

And on pillows by Alluminaire ©CAROL VAN ZANDT

4 thoughts on “Design Evolution: Prism swirl

  1. And… voilå!! Yeah, just like that. You make it look SO EASY, oh, Sorceress! Beautiful stuff, and I can’t decide which color way I like best. Oh, conundrum! I love them all.


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