Everyday Inspiration: Trees

Well, Tokyo Rococo is hitting stores and its fantastic seeing the projects people are making with it.  And I got strike offs last week on the next collection, Cafe Jazz, which should be out late second quarter, AND word has it that my third collection (shhh!) with Andover Fabrics is getting a great preliminary response so we should be seeing that later in the year.  So what next?

Well, I am also working on some potential licenses in other product areas, starting to make plans for exhibiting at Surtex in May, and of course, design design design!  And so…I am close to completing a large new collection. This one has the word “tree” in the working title, though it may not be in the final rendition.  Its not full of tree designs but it is tree inspired.  So with trees on the brain, here are some everyday tree inspirations shots.  And, as I go off on a family visit, I am inspired by one very special  2 yr old nephew with a middle name of Forest.

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