Of Iznik and Tokyo Rococo

Tokyo Rococo Update

Well, what do Iznik and Tokyo Rococo have in common?  Not much really except that I have a bit to share about both!  First of all Tokyo Rococo has started to ship into stores!!  Inquiring minds have been wanting to know when and where, and to find an independent quilt store near you that carries Andover Fabrics, you can just put in your phone area code here.  However not all stores that carry Andover will carry every collection of Andover.  As I learn more about who will have it and where, I will add to the Fabric Projects page (where more projects and patterns are soon to come!).  In the meantime equilter.com  has both colorways, fabric.com   and amazon.com have the blue colorway.   Pink Chalk Fabrics is planning on carrying the collection as is Quilt Haus in New Braunfels, TX.  And…word has it that strike-offs are on the way for the next collection….


By now, you may now I have a bit of a collection of surface design and textile books.  Well I am here to share my latest splurge , Iznik, The Artistry of Ottoman Ceramics by Walter B. Denny, published by Thames &Hudson.  I fell in love with this at the museum store at the de Young Museum in San francisco.  Its big–13″x10″x1″ with 239 glossy pages with tons of photos and wonderful information and history.

Check it out!

Plate with small white flowers, ca. 1545-1550. Musee National de la Renaissance, Etouen. Plate with foliate rim, ca. 1535-1540, Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon.

Plate with chintamani motif, ca. 1580-1585, Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon. Tile with chintamani motif, ca. 1565-1570, Formerly in the Yanni Petsopoulos collection, London. Tile with Chintamani motif, ca. 1550, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Interior view of footed bowl with hatayi decoration, ca. 1545-1550. British Museum, London.

Plates with foliate rim, ca. 1570-1575. Musee National de la Renaissance, Ecouen.

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