CHA, DeYoung, and SF MOMA

So what does CHA, De Young and SF MOMA all have in common?  Well I went to all of them last week.  Having guests in town we got out and about a bit including a road trip down highway 1 last weekend where I got to walk the floor at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) in Anaheim and see what it is all about.

Of course the main thing I was interested in was seeing who all attends the show, who exhibits and I wanted to look at the Art and Licensing design section to see if it might be  a good place to exhibit some year.  It was well located in the center of the floor, so that is a good thing!   Who is at CHA?  Basically any company that makes products you would find in craft stores.  There is DIY hardware, supplies, tons of scrapbooking papers, decorating, doll-making, jewelry supplies, stickers, tools, fibers, stationary supplies, stamps, tickers, craft kits, it goes on and on.   I was there on the first day, a Sunday afternoon.  It seemed well-attended but not jammed.  Most booths were engaged with the attendees so that is good.  But alas I didn’t get any pictures to share!! I only had the afternoon and wanted to walk the whole floor, so I had to prioritize.

BUT, I did take some pics when we were at the DeYoung Museum and SF MOMA earlier in the week so I do have some inspiration to share with you.  Funnily enough, the pieces of art I was most inspired to take a snap of were all pieces I’ve seen before and like then also. What gives?  There was a wonderful exhibition at The De Young Museum:  “Matter and Spirit: The Sculpture of Stephen DeStabler” of which I have no pics (not allowed) which is full of his figurative sculptures in clay, deconstructed and archaeological “ish”.  Really marvelous.  And below, some of my favorite pieces:

DeYoung: Anti-Mass, 2005 Cornelia Parker. From charred remains of an African American Baptist Church in Alabama destroyed by Arsonist

DeYoung: "Model for Total Reflective Abstractions" 2003 Josiah McElheny, collection of Dorothy & George Saxe, blown glass objects, mirrored glass and wood

De Young: Hover II, 2004, by El Anatsui. Woven aluminum bottle caps and copper wire

SF MOMA: #1 Rope, by Jackie Winsor, 1976, wood and hemp

SF MOMA: Sans II, by Eva Hesse, 1968, fiberglass

SF MOMA: untitled by Mitzi Pederson, 2009

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