Special delivery….first yardage

Well, a mighty big box arrived on my stoop today.  I dragged it in….

the big box

I opened it up…

the box opened

I unloaded it….

out of the box but still in the plastic

I unwrapped it…

plastic is off

Then I started to unroll and cut it up….then I realized that it is quite a big project and I simply would not be able to finish tonight.

I resorted to taking a few more pictures.  Firsts only happen once!

Tomorrow, in better lighting shall shoot some more photos for the future…then back to cutting in up.  Have to get it into some people’s hands pronto!

what’s that?

Its Tokyo Rococo, my first fabric collection.  This is just a small amount of advance yardage, the rest is on the the boat.  Available for wholesale now through Andover Fabrics Inc. (great people there by the way), in stores January.  It really is a bit exciting.  Thank you for sharing the journey.

9 thoughts on “Special delivery….first yardage

  1. Congrats! How exciting! Your first collection! I can’t wait to really see AND FEEL your fabric! I am sure you are already mulling over new ideas for your next collection. Way to go Carol. I am so proud of you. Let’s get together soon to celebrate. Angie Amaro


  2. WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! How does THAT feel, Ms. Rock Star?!?! Congratulations, Carol. If I were you, I would frame those selvedges… By George, I think she’s “got it”! Great, Carol, just great.


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