Quilt Market 2011: Quilt Exhibition

International Quilt Market.  What’s it all about?  Well, exhibitors include fabric companies and fabric designers, pattern designers for quilts and other products (bags, home dec items, apparel, and other incredibly inventive things) publishers of books and magazines on crafts and quilting, equipment and other gear companies.  Basically, anyone who might sell their goods into a quilting fabric store, as that is the customer this show is geared towards.

And with so much creativity in the place, some of the booths are amazing, and there are gorgeous sewn products and quilts everywhere, book signings on every block, and parties and dinners every night.  There is a schoolhouse day before market opens which is like a round robin of short presentations in a zillion rooms going on simultaneously, and its like junior high between classes every 20 minutes of so when people go from one to another.  Then there is the sample spree (which I missed–ooops– because I was having too much fun meeting people at the Fabric 2.0 party) which is supposedly another must do event where you can get sample packs of all the cool new collections coming out.

Its a big show to say the least, and right next door as part of it are amazing quilt exhibitions. A nice serene and inspiring break from the bustling of the market, I had a nice jaunt through part of it with a quilter and fabric designer friend who narrated what she thought of each quilt we looked at while I listened raptly. She’s going to laugh at that, since when it comes to designing fabrics we are like two magpies, but when it comes to quilting, she gets the talking stick.  I planned on going back and looking at more of the show, which I did here and there are my way through it, but  never got back for a serious photo shoot. But here are a few tasty treats. No surprise, a lot of the quilts I was attracted to are from Japan.

“Flaming Mandalas I” by Annie Lullie, Illinois

“Crimson Promises” by Sharon Schamber, Arizona

“Flower Raft” by Takako Ishinami, Japan

“Sunlight” by Akemi Sugiyama, Japan

“The Lily Bloomed” by Takido Fusako, Japan

“New York Beauty” by Tae Suenaga

“Crown Jewel” Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger, Minnesota

“Wietverzweight (Widely Ramified”) by Brigitte Morgenroth, Germany

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